As a former tech and management consultant, I know how overwhelming life can be. I understand how in the midst of a demanding career and life you can lose track of what is important.

I remember what it was like to secretly feel that something wasn’t right with my awesome life. I remember the guilt that went along with that feeling.

I became a therapist and coach because I wanted to help people go through similar struggles and grow into stronger people because of the challenge. I went through the work of becoming a psychologist because I wanted to help smart people on many levels, emotional as well as cognitive.

My clients and I work together to discuss goals and how to work toward them. While some therapists draw mostly from their listening skills, my approach is highly interactive and collaborative. I give feedback and welcome the same from my clients.

My approach is active: I am fully in the room with you engaged in everything that is happening. My clients report that they don’t feel alone. They report being relieved that I am straight with them. I don’t ask questions only to leave you to sort everything out for yourself.

My clients and I develop strategies for change and actively seek an understanding of strengths as well as an exploration of the challenges that have caused distress. I help my clients feel more alive, experience more meaning, and have a sense of control with the choices and responsibilities they encounter.



P.S. For those who care about credentials, I am a Clinical Psychologist licensed by the state of California (license number PSY23220). I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology where I learned a holistic, positive, strength-based way of working in therapeutic relationships.